2015 MTAP Reviewer for Grade 8

Yesterday, we shared the pdf copy of MMC reviewer for grade 7. Now, its time to share the paper for 2015 MMC Eliminations for grade 8.

This file was taken from a Facebook group. We thank the diligent student/teacher who typed this for everyone. Again,techie math teacher is not affiliated with MTAP or DepEd or Metrobank. We just would like to share resources across the web for those students who wanted to review and win the annual contest.

Here is the screenshot of the paper.

Grade 8 2015 mtap

For those who are asking for the answer key. We have no answer key but we are planning to post the solutions to each problems in the next few weeks in this website. Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to get instant updates.

Download the PDF file here.

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