Chinese That Can Memorize 67,890 Digits of π

After 4 years of practicing the values of Pi or π , a Chinese chemistry student made a world record after  reciting 67,890 digits of π  for 24 hrs 4 min.

The student and a record breaker Chao Lu documented this event using 26 video tapes at the Northwest A&F University, Shaanxi Province, China, on November 20,2005.


Chao Lu

Chao Lu. Record holder for longest Pi digits memorized. Photo courtesy of Science in Seconds Blog.

A retired Japanese engineer Akira Haraguchi tried to broke this record a year after. According to Wikipedia, he recited 100,000 digits of π for 16 hours, starting at 9 a.m (16:28 GMT) on October 3, 2006 and having recited up to 83,431 digits by nightfall, stopping with digit number 100,000 at 1:28 a.m. on October 4, 2006.

The event was filmed in a public hall in Kisarazu, East of Tokyo, where he had five-minute breaks every two hours to eat Onigiri to keep up his energy levels. Even his trips to the toilet were filmed to prove that the exercise was legitimate.

This record-breaking event however was not honored by Guinness World Records. (Whut????)


For those who wanted to break the current world record of Lu, you might need to know first Piphilology. These are collections of techniques used to effectively memorize the digits in π. One example is using piem(formed from the word pi and poem), these are poems that represent π in a way such that the length of each word (in letters) represents a digit.

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