5th Regional Math Count Opens

The FIFTH REGIONAL MATH COUNT 2015 is an interscholastic contest sponsored by the Mathematics Teachers Association of the Philippines-Tertiary Level Chapter (MTAP-TL) and the Western Institute of Technology- Ricardo T. Salas Campus, Iloilo City. Its main objective is to promote mathematics in different fields among college students outside Luzon.

The elimination round will be conducted on February 28 (Saturday), 8 AM, at the Western Institute of Technology- Ricardo T. Salas Campus, Dicen St. Lapaz, Iloilo City. Contestants are required to be at the contest site fifteen (15) minutes before the scheduled time. Each contestant is required to bring his or her pens. Calculators are not allowed. Contestants will be required to present school ID’s for proper identification.

This round shall be written contest, which will be taken by all team members individually including the alternates. This examination will be administered for 2 hours. All questions are problem solving type.

The team standing shall be based on the average score of the member in the said examination. The top ten (10) scoring teams will qualify for the final round as a team in the TEAM Category and the top ten (10) individuals will qualify for the final round in the INDIVIDUAL Category. Check the attachment below for more information.

The contest has two categories, individual and team(group category). Scope of the contest will be taken from the following field of Mathematics.

1. College and Advanced Algebra, Trigonometry

2. Plane and Spherical Trigonometry

3. Analytic and Solid Geometry

4. Calculus (Differential, Integral and Differential Equations)

5. Statistics and Basic Probability Theory

6. Mathematics of Investment

Cash prizes and trophies awaits to the winners.

Download the document below for more information.

This contest is only open for college students.

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