5 Best Practices for MMC Division Finals-Orals

February 3 and 4 is another make or break day for Metrobank – MTAP -Dep-Ed Mathematics Challenge (MMC) elimination round qualifiers for they will be battling with fellow qualifiers who has the same, less than, or greater than their Mathematical aptitudes.

This time around, problems are served and asked with time limits. For division final round-orals, the first ten questions are worth 1 point and problem must be solved within 15-seconds mentally.

For beginners, this round might be shocking and may cause too much disappointment. For they know how to solve the problem but they are so tensed, shaking, and couldn’t think well because of their pounding heart.



Well, here are the best practices before getting into the final round.

1. Asked for the most recent elimination round paper from teacher or anyone who has(we do for some year level). Ask your partner to give you questions and time it for 15 seconds, 30 seconds, and 1 minute. The more you practice the more you will get used to solving problems faster and more accurate.

2. Familiarize the problems in the recent elimination round. Familiarize also the method how to get into the answer quickly. You must know the way how to solve the problem after you heard it or else you will be short of the time. There were problems being recycled.

3. Eat sweets prior to the contest. Chocolates or candies will do. Sugar content gives us more energy and enough oxygen for our brain to function and think.

4. Do not aim to win. Just go to the contest for the reason of fun and learn new things from new problem being encountered. Why? IF you keep on thinking to win the contest, you are just giving too much pressure to yourself. Less pressure is less tense more air to breath and more confidence to solve the problem.

5. Solve.Solve.Solve. The more you solve the more exposed with the same problem and the more chance to get it right.

If you ask the experts and previous winners if what are their best practices, they don’t have any. Why? Because part of their routine is to solve in a regular basis without any push from their coaches. This is the number 1 quality the winner has.

Need more push? Check out the video below and make them an inspiration.

See what happened at the very last question because the kid who answered was like in panic mode? He could have won that game.

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