Winning Math Challenge

In the next two days, the highly anticipated Mathematics Challenge in the Philippines will be held. Everyone is very excited to engage with 50 mathematics questions that require student’s skill and critical thinking for it to be solved. Hundreds of thousands of students will participate the said elimination round but only a small percent will be given a chance to join the next round.

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If you have the following qualities, I am sure that you are
one of those lucky students to join the competition in the next level.

1. You have been preparing for elimination round atleast 5 months.

2. You are constantly practicing heavy dose of mathematics problems.

3. You are reviewing without any push from your teacher or parents.

4. You have been dreaming mathematics problems.

5. If you pick any problem in your level, you know how to solve it.

Students are always saying that their teachers didn’t have a review session with them prior to the examination and that is the reason why they lost.

That is wrong! They lost because they are lazy enough to do their responsibility. Our teachers has a lot of workload. Lesson plans, creating figures, love life, and family. 90% of the responsibility of review lies on the side of student to review during their free time, less text, less TV, less internet. 5% responsibility is from the teachers for their effort to have their review materials photocopied and give it to students. The 5% left is the effort of the students to approach the teachers for the review material or look for it online.

There are a lot of websites that is offering free review. Don’t have to spend a penny. So if you lost again tomorrow or the next day. Blame it to yourself because you have been lazy to study.

Previous national finalists in MMC do not rely on their teachers for review. Our number 1 teacher is ourselves. So next time, do it with yourself. Don’t you know that by doing so, you can be more brilliant than your teacher?

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