MTAP Reviewer For Grade 7

The elimination round is just around the corner. Since I have a free time today, I created few questions that can be added to your question banks. These problems is absolutely not included on the upcoming elimination level. I just created for student to have more materials to practice.

Target year for this reviewer is grade 7. But this can be used for higher levels. Answer key will be posted tomorrow. Be sure to come back.

1. Simplify: 999^2-998^2

2. What is the perimeter of a hexagon if each of the side measures (x+1) cm?

3. Twice the supplement of an angle is 34^\circ more than 4 times its complement. What is the angle?

4. Write 4^{20}\times 5^{42} in scientific notation.

5. If 20! Is equivalent to 20\times 19\times 18\times\cdot 3\times 2\times 1, what is the power of 3 when 50! is written on its prime factorization form.

6. Simply the complex the complex fraction: \displaystyle\frac{\frac{2}{3}-\frac{1}{4}}{\frac{6}{7}\div\frac{1}{21}}

7. Simplify: (x-4)(x+5)-(x+9)(x-8)+(2x-1)(3x+2)-(6x-5)(x+1).

8. If x^2-5x+1=0, what is the value of x^4+\displaystyle\frac{1}{x^4}

9. If x^2-5x+1=0, what is the value of x^3+\displaystyle\frac{1}{x^3}

10. The area of a triangle is x^2-4x+3 cm^2 what is its height if the base measures (x-3) cm?

11. A rectangular lot was draw on a piece of paper with a scale of 1 cm: 5 m. What is the actual land area in hectares if the drawn lot has a dimension of 150 cm by 100 cm?

12. If each side of the square is increased by 20%, by how many percent is the increase in the original area?

13. Find the cube root of the square root of 64.

14. The LCM of the numbers 16, 42, x is 2016. What is the minimum value of x?

15. Evaluate: 1-2+3-4+…+2013-2014+2013-2012+…+3-2+1.

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