Counting Possibilities (Video)

Richard of Art of Problem Solving is back this month to give another mind-blowing tutorial how to count possibilities in some problems in combinatorics. This is already the 50th episode of his Youtube video dedicated for grade schoolers preparing for Raytheon Mathcounts Competition in the US.

Both problems discussed in this series are obviously hard. In order to count the total number of possibilities, one must be very keen and careful while counting. Not to missed some possibilities or to count one possibility twice or more.

Done watching the video? Your turn! You may download this activity sheet provided by Mathcounts Foundation. don’t worry, the solution can be downloaded in this separate file so you can check your own progress or review by yourself.

These materials, the video and sample problems are really helpful for those of you who are preparing for the upcoming elimination level of Metrobank – MTAP-DepEd-Mathematics Challenge.

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