Region 9 Wins the 2014 PSQ

On Tuesday, December 9,2014. 17 victors of their provinces fought for the crown by answering series of breathtaking questions from statistics in 2014 23rd Philippine Statistics Quiz or PSQ.

Scores were recorded live online. Photos from the event were uploaded and shared by the PSQ Facebook page. Andre G. Arpa from region 9 were able to get all 10 questions correctly in the first round.

region 9 wins the 23rd psq

Photo courtesy of PSQ Facebook page

12 whizzes got qualified on the end of the 2nd round and at the end of the final round, Hashim Monir M. Ambia representing SOCCSKSARGEN got a highest score but 1 point short from the top scorer Arpa with total of 28 points.

Andre G. Arpa from region 9 bagged the 2014 PSQ National Championship title followed by Hashim Monir M. Ambia from SOCCSKSARGEN. Regions 7,8, and 10 fought for the next place with a tie breaker question.

Hussain Zourba from region VII placed 3rd. Followed by Raphael Christian Sanches of region X, and the fifth place goes to Mark Ceasar B. Rosales.

The champion, his coach and the school where he graduated from received a cash prize.

Andre G. Arpa is a BS Accountancy student from Ateneo de Zamboanga University.

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