Bases and Powers: Mathcounts Mini Video Series

Since it is the first week of the month, Mathcounts Mini video series for November is out for viewing. This month, Richard will teach us about bases and powers.

Worksheet related to the tutorial can be downloaded here.

In problem number 2. The number of digits if we expand 2^{30} can also be solve using logarithm in base 10. 

# of digits K in a^n can be solved using the following formula,

K=\lfloor n\log a\rfloor +1

Thus,  the number of digits in 2^{30} is,

K=\lfloor 32\log 2\rfloor +1



Mathcounts Mini is a video series for grade schoolers in USA to prepare them for the Annual Raytheon Mathcounts Competition. A competition of grade schoolerw with a blazing speed in solving math problems.

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