MMC Review Material Resources

There were students who were born with exceptional Mathematics skills. There were also students who has mathematics skills but it was locked up inside them. It needs a strong force to unleash it.

A training ground for soldiers is a place where they were trained and being prepared for them to becoming a pure soldier that can protect our country against bad guys. Same thing applies in Math Challenge Contestants. Training ground is also very important to practice and honed their knowledge and skills to becoming a winner.

This post will outline the Math challenge resources that can really help you prepare for the upcoming Metrobank-MTAP-Dep-Ed Mathematics Challenge.


  • Best training ground for those who are preparing for a mathematics competition. Brilliant has hundreds of thousands of questions in their database that will hone and challenge your brains in critical thinking and increase your techniques in solving mathematics problems.
  • They have a practice mode where you can select the topics appropriate to your level. Brilliant gives same topic with a higher difficulty.


I love reviewing Mathizen

  •  Newly opened website that stores past problems from  Metrobank-MTAP-Dep-Ed Mathematics Challenge. I registered here few days ago to check their database. So far, they have questionaires from grade 1 to 6 in different levels. (Elimination, Division, Sectoral ,Regional, and National). Their database for secondary level at this time is empty aside from 4th year where they have questions from past years in Division up to National level.
  • No data yet from elimination level from 1st year to 4th year. There were few reviewers for 3rd year division finals questionaires.
  • They are adding problems everyday and in the next few days, we hope that their database to become full so that we won’t be having problems to find for reviewers which is very essential for our preparation.
  • Update: 2013 and 2014 elimination questions for grade 8 is now available.


  • A web-based storage where teachers and other uploaders uploaded their review materials. For you to download files from scribd, you need to upload files or pay for registration as your contribution to them. I got a lot of documents in PDF and DOCX from scribd.

4. Techie Math Teacher

  • A free website dedicated to help students preparing for MMC. Used the category in right hand side if you are looking for a specific reviewer in different year levels.

5. Math Challenge Book

  • MTAP printed out 1 year of contest book(not sure if that is 2011 or 2010) for students to used. It was published by anvil publishing. I saw these reviewers in national book store as well. The price is just 200 pesos. The book is available in all year levels. You may order online at Anvil Publishing.

6. PMO

  • Another new website that can help 4th year or third year students to prepare. Problems in PMO are way harder than problems in MMC. Deeper concepts and great mastery in Math is being tested in order to answer their problems. These problems are good trainers for MMC too. If you were able to answer PMO problems flawlessly, MMC problems will be “chicken” for you.

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