TGIF Problem of the Week 11

We started the first week of October with a basic question from Algebra, now we will tackle about reflecting a circle on a line. This question is just right for students preparing for MMC and PMO. Good luck!


Image not drawn to scale

Problem: Proposed By Mark Elis Espiridion of Mapua Institute of Technology

The circles (x-2)^2+(y+7)^2=25  and  (x+10)^2+(y-7)^2=25  are mirror image of each other alone which line?

Send your answer using the form below. Make sure to include your school or company. Solution will be presented on this page same day next week. Only answers using the button below will be accepted.  Goodluck!

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Correct answer were submitted by:

1. John Lester Tan. Philippines

2. Mervin Bueno. Las Piñas City, Philippines

3. Melga Sonio. Valenzuela City, Philippines

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