TGIF Problem of the Week 10

October is finally over and our combinatorics problem is over. Problem for this week will measure your basic knowledge in algebra specifically in number series.

Submission period is from November 7-November 14,2014 for your name to appear in this page.



Problem of the week

A certain arithmetic series has 11 terms. If 1 is added to the first term, 2 is added to the second term, 3 is added in the third term, and so on., the sum of the new series formed is 2080. What is the sum of original series?

Send your answer using the form below. Make sure to include your school or company. Solution will be presented on this page same day next week. Only answers using the button below will be accepted.  Goodluck!

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 Correct answers were submitted by:

1. JP Punzalan. La Union

2.  Ritesh Dutta. India

3. Raihan. Sri Lanka

4. Jhael Hinampas. Pasig City, Philippines

5. Jack Mamati. Philippines

6. John Lester Tan. Philippines

7. Kenneth Michael Angelo N. Antonio.  Bayugan City, Philippines

8. Joselito Torculas. Philippines

9.  Johnnefer Cinense

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