Solving Probability Technique

“For a lot of hard problems, not just Math problems, the key to finding the solution is to go one step at a time”. Those are the first few words of Richard Rusczyk, founder of Art of Problem Solving or commonly known as AOPS for this month’s Mathcounts Mini edition about tricky probability problem.

Aside from the technique and tips you can adapt from him, you get to test your own understanding about the technique presented here by downloading this worksheet  and also get to know the answer and solution with this answer key.

The reason why I am posting this guy’s video because it correlates my intention for putting up this website. To give the a free review materials for people who are used to self taught and self discovering Mathematics by themselves.

I know there are a lot more solutions to those three problems he tackled, but I think his solution is the simplest. You may leave your solution using the comment box below.

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