TGIF Problem of the Week 9

Spooky Halloween everyone! This week’s problem will be the last for this month. Since it’s still October, we will tackle about Combinatorics.

Submission period is from October 31-November 7,2014 for your name to appear in this page.


Four students took the same test, at the end of examination, their teacher asked them to check it. In how many ways can a teacher distribute the test paper such that none of the student will get his/her own paper?

Send your answer using the form below. Make sure to include your school or company. Solution will be presented on this page same day next week. Only answers using the button below will be accepted.  Goodluck!

Check out the previous problems here.

Correct answers were submitted by:

1. PATERNO SAROL BAGUINAT II. Dapitan City, Philippines

2. Jomar Casuga.San Fernando, La Union

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