Discount and Percentage

In this article, you will be able to practice problems about discounts and percentage. We will cite real life problem scenarios where you can apply this mathematics topic when you do shopping or simply selling small goods.

As a primary goal of this site, get a pen and paper, solve the problem and check if your answer is correct. That way, you’re doing a self-teaching technique which is essential to developing your math skill.

Worked Problem 1:

The fifth grade students are planning a field trip. Of 150 fifth grade students, 68% decided to go. How many students is this?


Let N be the number of students comprising 68% of the total number.

N=150\times 0.68


Worked Problem 2:

What is 10% of 20% of 6% of 5000?


This problem sounds freak but the solution is very easy. The word “of” in Math denotes multiplication. Let N be the required number.

N=0.1\times 0.2\times \times 0.06\times 5000


Worked Problem 3:

In a shopping mall, you want to buy a top with a marked price of 750 pesos and a discount rate of 12% off. How much is the price of the top?


Since the price is 12% less, the discounted price must be 100%-12%=88% of the 750 Pesos. Thus, you should be paying only  750\times 0.88=660.00 pesos.

Worked Problem 4:         

A pair of hoes marked 950 pesos was bought for 760 pesos. What was the percent discount?


To calculate the discount price, we can deduct 760 from 950 for us to get 190 and finally get the discount rate by dividing 190 by the original price which is 950 to get 0.2 which is 20%.

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