TGIF Problem of the Week 7

Our TGIF problem of the week is again from Combinatorics to continue our support with Philippine Statistics Quiz contestants. Good job to those who have submitted the correct answers in our last week’s problem about probability.

Submission period is from October 10-October 17,2014 for your name to appear in this page.


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9 senators are in session sitting around a round table in circle. At the end of the meeting, everyone shook hands with each other aside from the people who sit beside each other. How many handshakes happened?

Send your answer using the form below. Make sure to include your school or company. Solution will be presented on this page same day next week. Only answers using the button below will be accepted.  Goodluck!

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Correct answers were submitted by:

1. Mathynick

2. Raymond John P. Diaz. University of the Philippines Los Baños. Philippines


4. Love Syl L. Venenoso. Bayugan, Philippines

5. Andell Joy S. Cempron. Bayugan City, Philippines

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