TGIF Problem of the Week 4

I have been very busy for the past 2 weeks that I were not able to update our POTW. Now, I’m back and that segment is also back.

Today, the problem is about a little geometry and algebra at the same time to test your understanding skills.

Submission of answers is valid only from September 20-27.

Change in Area of a triangle.

If the height of a triangle is increased by 20% and the base is decreased by 10%. What is the percentage change in the area of the triangle?


Send your answer using the form below. Make sure to include your school or company. Solution will be presented on this page same day next week. Only answers using the button below will be accepted.  Goodluck!

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Correct answers were submitted by:

1. Melga Sonio. Malinta National High School.

2. John Lester Tan. Dee Hwa Liong Academy

3. John Paul B. Punzalan. Christ the King College

4. Jerome Bechayda. Laguna State Polytechnic University,San Pablo City

5. Mark Angelo L. Sison. ICCT Colleges Cainta

6. John Albert A. Reyes. PUP-Taguig


8. Marc Jermiane Pontiveros. University of the Philippines – Open University

9. Henrison Sanchez. Central Luzon State University

10. John Mark Guimba. University of the Philippines-Diliman

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