2014 MTAP-DepEd Saturday Mathematics Program in Grade 2 Session 1

This mtap reviewer for grade 2 came from the challenge problem for Saturday program of MTAP and Dep-Ed. Solutions will be posted here before the week ends. I’m just tired today. I’m thinking that there are people looking for this that’s why I posted these problems first. Check out the other reviewers in this page.

Solution is updated. May this solution help parents and other teacher to prepare their contestants for the upcoming MMC.

Problem 1:

Today, Betty added her age and her sister’s age and obtained 10 as the sum. What would the sum of their ages be after one year?


After a year, both of them will be 1 year older. Thus the sum of their ages must be 2 years more. That is 12 years.

Problem 2:

A dragon has three heads. Every time a hero cuts off one head, tree new heads emerge. The hero cuts one head off, and then cuts off one more head. How many heads does the dragon have now?


On the first cut, the Dragon has 5 heads. On the second cut, the dragon will have 7 heads.

Problem 3:

In one kangaroo family, there is a custom to name their babies by names, which consist of two letters of the word KANGAROO such that the first letter is a consonant and the second letter is a vowel. How many different baby names can be composed?


The first letter must be either K,N,G,R. The next letter must either be A or O. Thus there are 4×2=8 ways to name a baby Kangaroo.

Problem 4:

Laura, Iggy, Val and Kate want to be in one photo together. Kate and Laura are best friends and they want to stand next to each other. Iggy wants to stand next to Laura because he likes her. In how many possible ways can they arrange for the photo?


Let Laura = L, Iggy=I, Val=V, Kate =K

Given the conditions above, the possible arrangements are ILKV, VILK, VKLI and KLIV. 4 possible arrangements.

Problem 5:

Sophie draws butterflies: a blue one, then a green, then a red, then a black, then a yellow, a blue, a green, a red, a black, and so on. What color is the 17th butterfly?


Observe that there is a pattern in Blue,green,red,black,yellow. The color of Butterflies repeats every 5 draws. Following the pattern. 17=5×3+2. Thus the color must be the same as the second draw. The answer is Green.

Problem 6:

Tomas found an old book in the attic. When he opened it, there was page 24 on the left side, and page 55 in the right. How many sheets of paper are missing between these two pages?


Every page has two page numbers. Front and back. The missing pages are 54-25+1=30. We need to divide that by 2 to get the number of pages. Hence the answer is 15 pages.

Problem 7:

Lea owns 1 white, 2 black and 3 brown pigs. If all of these pigs could talk, how many of them could truthfully say “I am the same color as one or more of the other pigs?”


The pigs that can only say it are those pigs who has more than 1 colors. Black and Brown Pigs has more than one color. Thus the answer is 5 Pigs.

Problem 8:

What is the tens digit of the largest four-digit even number which uses each of the digits 5,7,8, and 9 exactly once?


Before we can answer the question we need to know first the largest 4-digit even number that can be formed using the given digits. Since there is only 1 even digit 8. The one’s digit must be 8. To maximize the number, the first digit must be 9,followed by 7 and 5. Thus the largest number here is 9758. 5 is the ten’s digit.

Prepared by: Rechilda P. Villame and Roma Perez – Schenk

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