MTAP Reviewer for Grade 1 Part 2

This is my second compilation for MTAP reviewer for grade 1. Check out the previous reviewer here.

We are lucky that the young mind of our kids is now being tested, challenged, and honed with the complexities of Mathematics.

There are problems in previous years for Grade one that even a normal grade 8 students can’t solve since it requires deep knowledge in algebra especially in worded problems. Horrible!

Tips to parents

The elimination round of MTAP math challenge is usually being held around January of each year. Focus your child in arithmetic. It is important that they master the four common operations. Giving your child to trainers/tutors is nothing if in the first place he/she didn’t know to how multiply and divide.

That sounds silly but that is true. It starts with you. A common grade one student in a public school didn’t understand English well yet hence they won’t be able to solve the most basic problem solving. So you need to do your part.

Fraction is also a part of the challenge in grade 1. Multiplying factions to whole number will be easy for them if they knew how to multiply and divide.

There are two kinds of geniuses, the inborn and those who are made. Everyone has the ability to be good in Math but not everyone has the proper discipline. Before this page become full about my words, here are some questions that you can use as reviewer to your cute little kids.


  1. What is the value of the underlined 5 in 25,542?
  2. What is the remainder when 25,445 is divided by 1?
  3. What is ½ of 10?
  4. What is 75% of 100?
  5. What is the largest 2-digit number?
  6. What is the value of N in N+24=29?
  7. Write in number: Twenty five thousand six hundred thirty five.
  8. Write in number: Ten dollars and six cents
  9. What will you get if you multiply 10 by 240?
  10. What is the sum if you round 256 and 631 to nearest ten and add them up?


Answer Key:

  1. Five hundred
  2. 0. This is a test to your kids’ understanding about residues.
  3. 5
  4. 75
  5. 99
  6. 5
  7. 25,635

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