Martin Hairer Fields Medalists and His Work

At the opening ceremony of the International Congress of Mathematicians 2014 on August 13, 2014, Martin Hairer was one of the four that received the Field’s Award. You can download Hairer’s work in this link.


Martine Hairer. Field's Medalist 2014. Photo via

Martin Hairer. Field’s Medalist 2014. Photo via

Field’s award is the highest possible honor that a Mathematician can receive. It is the counterpart of Nobel prize but of different age restriction. According to Wikipedia, it is officially called an  International Medal for Outstanding Discoveries in Mathematics.

Martin Hairer is among the four who received the medal on August 13, 2014. He was honored due to his outstanding contributions to the theory of stochastic partial differential equations, and in particular for the creation of a theory of regularity structures for such equations.

Building on the rough-path approach of Lyons for stochastic ordinary differential equations, Hairer created an abstract theory of regularity structures for stochastic partial differential equations (SPDEs). This allows Taylor-like expansions around any point in space and time. The new theory allowed him to construct systematically solutions to singular non-linear SPDEs as fixed points of a renormalization procedure.

Hairer thus able to give, for the first time, a rigorous intrinsic meaning to many SPDEs arising in physics.

The other awardees are Arthur Avila, Manjul Bhargava, and Maryam Mirzakhani.

The prize of the award is $15,000 Canadian Dollars.


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