The event that every competitive teacher is waiting has finally come. MTAPTL will have their 1st Math competition for tertiary teachers.

The contest is open to Tertiary Level Mathematics teachers/MTAPTL members attending the 2014 MTAPTL Annual Convention on August 28-29, 2014 at City State Tower Hotel, Manila.

Each Participating school is allowed to send one team/one teacher.

The participants must be certified by the department chair/dean of their school as a bona fide faculty member.

Only the first 50 schools to submit the duly accomplished registration form will be accommodated.

No registration fee will be collected but each team is required to bring one fx-991ES Plus calculator unit during the competition.

Prizes for the winners are as follows:

1st Prize: PHP 10,000.00 + Trophy+ Medal

2nd Prize: PHP 7,000.00 + Trophy+ Medal

3rd Prize: PHP 5,000.00 + Trophy+ Medal

For more information about the event just contact Mrs. Aileen Diansuy.

We wish that this event will be successful and next year we hope that they will also open the competition in Secondary level for more fun. What do you think? 😀




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