100 Solved Problems in Algebra,Trigonometry,and Statistics

To answer the queries of the parents and students asking where they can get a reviewer for Math Challenges, I created a PDF full of detailed solutions to help them and their kids to prepare in Different Math Challenges like the Nationwide Metrobank – MTAP – Dep-Ed Math Challenge and Philippine Mathematical Olympiad.

After months of creating questions, presenting variety of solutions, and editing. Our first project about 100 Solved Problems in Algebra, Trigonometry, and Statistics is finally finished.

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Credibility of Reviewer:

The creator of this PDF file is the Author of this website. He was an MMC contestant during his time. After he graduated in high school, he became a trainer for MMC of his alma-matter until today. He also coached elementary students to represent their schools in the same contests.

Losing a battle in Mathematics won’t make you a better person if you will give up. It is a continuous learning; to lose is an opportunity to become a better problem solver. Think of your opponent as your inspiration. Think that someday if you meet them again, you can say that you are a better person and you can do more than what they can.

Reviewer Disclaimer:

The PDF (100 Solved Problems in Algebra, Trigonometry, and Statistics) is not a product of MTAP nor PMO. Problems presented are based on the experience of the Author. This reviewer is best for students preparing in Math Challenge in 4th year level  ( Grade 10).

Solutions in each problem are presented in a logical manner so that a novice problem solver will be able to understand it. This book is a supplement and should not be used as a replacement in your official reviewers.

This is only a reviewer for enrichment to what you have or your kids learned in their school. Techie Math Teacher will not take any blame if the problems in this booklet and the problems in the contest are not the same.

Buying the book means that you agree to a disclosure agreement that the PDF is not allowed to be distributed in any way. It is a personal use, so take advantage of the opportunity that such book exist.


–          Greatest integer function

–          Range and Domain of linear, quadratic, exponential, logarithmic, periodic, and miscellaneous functions.

–          Parallel and perpendicular lines shortcut techniques

–          Special triangles shortcut techniques

–          Probability and combinations with restrictions

–          Pigeonhole principle

–          Range, mode, median, mean of central tendency

–          Remainder and factor theorem in higher level

–          Simon’s Favorite Factoring Trick

–          Joselito’s Clay Molding Technique

–          Periods of sine, cosine, and tangent

–          Viete’s formula shortcut technique

–          Nature of the roots of quadratic

–          Vertex and axis of symmetry shortcut formula

–          Solving trigonometric equations

–          Applications of quadratics

–          Application of series

If you already knew these stuff, then this book is not for you. The content of this book are all in this website.

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Proceeds of the book is for the domain renewal of this website. Consider the price as your donation.





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