MTAP reviewer for Grade 4 Part 2

This is the 2nd part of mtap reviewer for grade 4. Check out the previous part in this page.

1. Maria is two more than twice the age of her brother John. If John is 6 years old, how old is Maria?

2. Round the sum of 90283 and 948921 to nearest ten thousands.

3. How many tenths are there in 9/4?

4. Write 10^4+10^3+10^2 to one number.

5. 15! means 15x14x13x…x3x2x1. What is the remainder when 15! is divided by 8?

6. John discover a new calculation technique. He writes 3@2=3×3-2×2.Using John’s tecnique, what is the value of 6@4?

7. What is the greatest common factor of 36, 24, 48?

8. What is the least common multiple of 36, 27, 54?

9. Maria eats every 3 hours, Jane eats every 4 hours. The last time they ate together was 3PM. How many hours will it take for them to wait to eat together again?

10. Two numbers are in the ratio of 2:3. What is the sum of the numbers if the smaller number is 12?

11. What is the least natural number that is greater than the largest 4-digit number?

12. Solve the following: (\displaystyle\frac{3}{4})^2+(\displaystyle\frac{1}{2})^2

13. Jane wants to buy a pair of jeans for 500 Pesos. The jeans has a discount of 12%. How much will she have to pay?

14. During a heavy typhoon, the water in Anggat Dam goes up 12 cm in 30 minutes. How many centimeters does the Dam goes up every minute in average?

15. The Blue Eagles won 30 times out of their 40 games. What is their winning percentage?

16. In the garden there are 12 hens. Each hen has 4 chicks. How many chickens are there in the garden in all?

17. 40% of Aling Dionesia’s dresses are red. If she have 240 dresses in her wardrobe, how many dresses are not red?

18. What is 20% of 6% of 540?

19. Each side of nonagon measures 6 cm. What is its perimeter?

20. The area of the square is 125 sq. cm. What is the length of each sides?

Answer key is available in next page.

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