5 Reasons Why Mathematics is Easier to Understand Than Girls

For Mathematicians, it is a lot easier to deal with complexities of Mathematics than the behavior of most girls. If only that we can understand the like equations, no matter how complex it is, there is always a way to understand it.

Image from Math and Multimedia Facebook Page

Image from Math and Multimedia Facebook Page

Below are the 5 common reasons, if you find it right of wrong you
are free to leave a comment below. You are also free to share it with your friends to see if we are wrong.

1. They are unpredictable

The probability of predicting what’s on their brain for a period of time is minimal to impossible. They may say yes today but don’t take it seriously. They may change it faster than the rate of change of a cosine function.

2. Vulnerable to Mood Swing

Like a movement of a Pendulum, the period (T) of their mood is dependent on their environment. It has been their trademark to change their minds abruptly. Don’t expect to be sweet all day because they can turn to a roaring tiger with a blink of an eye. They can initiate a mutual warfare even you’re not doing something against theme.

3. They are talkative

Personally, I like this. For me, this adds spice in a relationship. This makes your bonding lively. Since Most of Mathematicians are loner and introvert, this logic is suggesting that a Math guy is compatible to a talkative girl.

4. Periodically Disturbed

They are periodically disturbed and this disturbance is perfectly described by a function   f(x)=4+3sin(\displaystyle\frac{\pi x}{15})   where period and range are in days.

The period (T) of c+asinbx can be calculated as follows,


Going back to the describing function,  b=\displaystyle\frac{\pi}{15}


T=30 days

The range is [c-a,c+a]=[4-3,4+3]=[1,7] days.

To interpret these calculations, a typical girl is disturbed every 30 days that lasts from 1 to 7 days. Yes! You guessed it right. That disturbance is their menstrual cycle. That cycle has a capability to turn them to a Minotaur. During this time, be careful with your words and actions. These are the most sensitive days of their month.

5. Time Conscious

This is the unfair part. If they say they are coming. That’s a fallacy! The truth is that they’re still in front of their mirrors putting on lipstick, lipgloss, blush-on, face powder, eyeshadows, etc., and you will end up waiting longer than what you are expecting.

In contrary, they don’t like waiting but they didn’t realize that men don’t like it too. If you come behind the set schedule, you have to ready with your SONA-like speech explanations or else your date will become a total chaos.

These are just their nature. We are here to understand them no matter how complex they are.






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