5 Reasons Why Mathematician’s Girlfriend is Lucky

Mathematicians usually do not have a lovelife. That’s right! They find it hard to manage love and Mathematics at the same time.

Sir Nicola Tesla, the inventor of Alternating Current or AC that powers our appliances and other machines that made our lives convenient died single. He was NGSBTD. No Girlfriend Since Birth ‘Till Death.

Therefore, lucky are those girls who has a Mathematician boyfriend. Here’s why.

1. They are visionary
He might seem hopeless, misunderstood with his impractical theories and practices but behind his bizzare ideas lurks a masterpiece only geniuses could unleash.

2. Healthy living
Vices won’t take a space in a Math guy’s routine. He’d rather sniff on an interesting olympiad problems to work with than taking weed or prohibited pills which is a total nonsense to him.

3. Evasive
He is not a typical clad in a fashion suit, seen performing onstage, nor an athlete groomed with a varsity uniform. He is just around the corner alone with his “genius pen and paper” solving that no campus hearthrobs nor varsity players dare to do. He is rare to find.

4. Stick to one
Other than math and girlfriend, no one shall be lucky enough to steal a portion of his time for small talk- not even hot babes. His social life is doomed because what runs in his head is a fraction \displaystyle\frac{Girlfriend}{Math}.

5. Naturally superstar
He might not be as hot as Channing Tatum nor as rich as Mark Zuckerberg but many run after him especially during exams and assignment tasks.

What do you think?

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