Philippine Team Wins 4 Medals in 2014 International Mathematical Olympiad

Young math wizards bagged 4 medals and 2 honorable mentions in the most prestigious Math Olympiad in the whole world. The 55th International Mathematical Olympiad held in Cape Town, South Africa from July 3 to 13 2014.

This year 560 contestants from 101 countries participated in the said event. 49 young mathletes won the Gold Medal. 103 won the silver medals,one of them is a Filipino, and 133 won the bronze medal 3 of them came from Philippine team.

Adrian Reginald Sy of St. Jude Catholic School won the silver medal. His collegues Farrell Eldrian Wu of MGC New Life Christian Academy, Kyle Patrick Dulay of Philippines Science High School – Main, and Matthew Ryan Tan of St. Jude Catholic School won the bronze medal.

Ma. Czarina Angela Lao of St. Jude Catholic School and Clyde Wesley Ang of Chiang Kai Shek College won honorable mentions.

The team placed 43rd in overall ranking, China and United States of America dominated the competition this year.

If you’re not familiar how hard this Math Olympiad is, let me give you the problem 1 of 2014 IMO. Day 1 problem.

Let a_0<a_1<a_2<\ldots be an infinite sequence of integers. Prove that there exist a unique integer n\ge 1 such that
a_n<\displaystyle\frac{a_0+a_1 \ldots a_n}{n}\le a_{n+1}

Wait what? You can do this problem? Feel free to leave your answer in the comment box below. You can choose your desired name.


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