MTAP Reviewer for Grade 2 Part 2

This reviewer was taken from one of the 2013 district math challenges.  The second MTAP reviewer for grade 2 with answer key compilation. Here is the page where you can check all other reviewers for grade 2.

1. Write 2 x 1000 + 3 x 100 + 9 in standard form.

2. Write LXXXIV in Hindu-Arabic.

3. You have  ₱1,400.The amount is equal to how many ₱100-bills?

4. What number has three hundreds, five tens and six ones?

5. What number is missing in 39+ (  ) =97?

6. In 3,078, the 0 means there are no______.

7. In 856=800+50+6=800+40+N?

8. What number is 125 less than 756?

9. What is the smallest 4-digit number that you can make with 0,2,5,8?

10. What is the last letter in the English alphabet?

11. Mother has 60 cookies for Jane and her 11 friends. If mother gives them an equal number of cookies, how many cookies did each receive?

12. Our dining table is 15 dm long and 9 dm wide. What its perimeter?

13. The area of the top of our table in #12 is how many square decimeters?

14. Father paid 7 ₱100-bills, three ₱50-bill and 7 P5-coins for our electric bill. How much is our electric bill?

15. If you skip count by saying 7 on the first skip, then 12,17,22,27,32, …, what number will you say on the 20th skip?

16. What is N in the pattern 5, 6, 8, 11, N, 20, 26….,

17. Mother bought 2 ½ dozen eggs. She used 18 for dessert and 4 for omelets. How many eggs remained?

18. Ned sold 125 tickets for their play. Jude sold 25 more tickets more than Ned. How many tickets did the two sold together?

19. Eighteen boxes of books came from the library. There are 25 books in each box. How many books came from the library?

20. Kate has 5 red roses, 6 white roses and 7 yellow roses. What fraction of the roses is white?

21. My ones digit is 3 more than my tens digit and my hundreds is 1 less than my tens. What number I am if the sum of my digits is 17?

22. Father bought 48 balloons for Nick’s birthday. If 14 are red, 18 are green and the rest are blue, how many balloons are blue?

23. There are 23 boys and 22 girls in a class. During a strong rain, 5 boys and 3 girls were absent. How many were present?

24. If 56+37=43+N, what is N?

25. Lina is 12 years old. Her uncle is three times her age. After 3 years, what will be the age her uncle?

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