MTAP Reviewer for Grade 3 with Answer Key

This is the second part of my collection of mtap reviewer for grade 3. Check all reviewers for grade 3 in this page.

1. 4 hundreds plus 12 tens minus 13 ones equals __________.

2. What is the value of 6 in 621 382?

3. Add twice 44 to the difference of 89 and 56.

4. What is the biggest digit you can put in A to make 45A38<45838?

5. If you subtract 38 ones from 28 tens, what is the difference?

6. Write “four hundred eight thousand, twenty-four” in symbols.

7. There are _______ ten thousand s that we can get from 721 386.

8. Write “ sixteen and two-twelfths” in symbol.

9. What is the value of 100 ones plus 2 hundred plus 10 tens?

10. Double the difference between 92 and 48. What is the result?

11. A pad costs ₱3.00 more than a ballpen. Three rolls of pad and 4 ballpens costs ₱72.00. How much is 1 roll of pad?

12. The product of two different whole numbers is 13. What is their sum?

13. Write the number before MCDLIX in Hindu Arabic numeral.

14. What is the value of 560\div 8-4(23+8-18)?

15. What is 6/9 of 36?
16. What are the value of (63+63+63+63+63+63)+(36+36+36+36+36+36)?

17. Cindy is thinking of a number. If she divides the number by 7 and then subtracts 6 from it the result is 3. What number Cindy is thinking?

18. Apples costs  ₱13.00 each. How many apples can you buy if you have ₱100.00?

19. Aling Tina sold 7/9 of her Bibingka. If she had 28 Bibingkas left, how many Bibingka she had at first?

20. May had 56 giveaways to be given to her friends. She gives 29 giveaways to the boys and 27 giveaways to the girls. How many giveaways were left to May?

21. Father harvested 156 mangoes yesterday and twice as many today. How many mangoes in all did Father gather?

22. What number is midway between 309 and 315?

23. A rectangular playground is 83 m long and 68 m wide. If you jog thrice around it, how many meters would that be?

24. The perimeter of rectangular garden is 56 m. If the length is 4 m longer than the width, what is the width of the garden?

25. Lanie and Lala both start with the same number. Lanie adds 8 to the number and Lala multiplies the number by 3. They both get the same result. What numbers did they both start with?

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