This is the third part of mtap reviewer for grade 3. Check all the previous reviewers in this page. This part is problem solving.

1. Lito has 5 pieces of wood with a total of 43 decimeters. Four pieces of the same length and 1 piece of 3 decimeters long. How long are the other pieces?

2. Cindy had ₱100.00 less than Carl ₱250.00 more than Ronie. If the total amount of their money is ₱900.00, how much money had Ronie?

3. There are 48 pupils in a class. Five-eight of them are girls and 4/6 of the girls are glee club members. How many girls in the class are member of the glee club?

4. Nilo had some marbles, Paolo had 28 marbles. After Nilo bought 10 more marbles he had twice as many as Paolo. How many marbles had Nilo at first?

5. Aling Tina baked 4 cakes. She cut it into 10 equal pieces. She sold 25 pieces and gave the rest to her children. What fraction of cake was given to her children?

6. Mimi has two ₱200 bills, four ₱500 bills, three ₱300.00 bills, five ₱50.00 bills and six twenty peso bill. How much money has Mimi?

7. A school yard is 58 m long and 46 m wide. If you jog twice around it, how many meters would that be?

8. The perimeter of rectangular garden is 60m. If the length is 4 m more than the width, what is the width of the garden?

9. Mang Kanor had 150 eggplant plants in each row. There were 18 rows of eggplant plants. Each eggplant plants bears 8 eggplants. How many eggplants are there in all?

10. Aira added two numbers instead of subtracting them. When she added the two numbers, she obtained 4. What is the smaller number?

11. What fraction is equal to 3/5 and whose sum of numerator and denominator is equal to 64?

12. The area of a lot is 204 m2. If the width is 12 m, what is its length?

13. Mimi is watching a movie it is 2 hours and 12 minutes long. There were 11 minutes preview before the movie. If the previews started 1:45, what time will the movie end?

14. The largest four-digit number form from 1,9,5,8 is added to the smallest four-digit number from 6,0,3, and 1. What is the sum?

15. Bus stations are 20 km apart. While riding a bus, Joe counted 7 stations in one hour, one at the beginning and the 7th at the end. How many kilometers did the Bus cover in one hour?

16. One table can set six people. When two tables are put together there are 10 people who could be seated. How many tables are needed to put together to seat 30 people?

17. Ina visits their farm every three days. His brother visits every four days. If they both visited their farm last November 1, what date they will visit their farm together again?

18. What fraction is equal to 4/5 and whose sum of the numerator and denominator is equal to 72?

19. A logger had to pay ₱50.00 to cut a log into two equal parts. How much should he pay if the log is to be cut into 10 parts?

20. Manny delivers in an apartment. He started on the first and went up four floors. He went down two floors and went up 8 floors. Then he was only 1 floor away from the top of the apartment. How many floors are in the apartment altogether?

21. What is the greatest 3 digit number that has all the following characteristics? It is an odd number, the sum of the digits is 3, each digit is different.

22. Kaye bought 5 panties and a blouse for ₱469.00. If the blouse cost ₱89.00 more than the panties, how much did the blouse cost?

23. What two factors of 56 have a sum of 30?

24. There are 42 Goats and Chickens in the farm. There are 114 legs altogether. How many ducks are there?

25. Jim, Tim and Larry are friends. The ratio of their ages is 2:3:4. Jim is the oldest among the three. If the sum of their ages is 36, how old is Jim?

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