MTAP Reviewer for Grade 9

This reviewer was taken from 2013 Metrobank-MTAP-Dep-Ed Math Challenge for third year. This is also advisable for fourth year and second year.

Directions: Give all fractions in the lowest terms. Eliminate negative exponents and rationalize denominators. Give equation of the lines in slope-intercept form.


1. Simplify \displaystyle\frac{(-2x^{-3}y^4)^{-4}}{x^5y^{-3}}x(3x^{-2}y^{-1})^4

2. Simplify: \displaystyle\frac{6\sqrt{2}}{\sqrt{7}-2}

3. Simplify: -2\sqrt{75}+5\sqrt{12}-4\sqrt{27}

4. Simplify: 6mn^4\root 3\of{8m^{11}n^4}-2m^3n\root 3\of{m^5n^{13}}

5. Simplify: xy^2\sqrt{16x^3y^5}-7y\sqrt{x^5y^7}+4y^3\sqrt{4x^5y^3} ifx>0 and y>0.

6. Simplify: \displaystyle\frac{x-2}{x^2-x-6}+\displaystyle\frac{x+5}{x^2-2x-15}

7. Solve: x(6x-1)=12

8. Find the equation of the line with x-intercept 3 and y-intercept -7.

9. Find the equation of the line passing through(2,3) and perpendicular to 7x-5y=40.

10. Find the constant s so that the lines (2s+4)x+5y=-7 and (s+4)x+3y=s are parallel.

11. Find the point of intersection of the lines 5x+2y=16 and 10x-3y=46

12. Find the supplement of an angle measuring 7\frac{2}{7}°

13. If \angle{X}=(6+5k)° and \angle{Y}=(158-3k)° are supplementary, find the complement of \angle{X}.

14. The four points A(-6,2), B(-3,-2), C(9,7) and D form Rectangle ABCD. What are the coordinates of D?

15. How many circles of radius 9 cm can be cut from a rectangular sheet of 3.7 m by 1.05m?

16. In Parallelogram PARK, \angle{P}=7x°, \angle{A}=(3x-20)°, and \angle{K}=(5y-10)°. What is x+y?

17. The angles of triangle are in the ration of 11:12:13. Find the measure in degrees ot each of its interior angles?

18. The vertex angle an isosceles triangle is 63°. Find the measure of the base angle?

19. The regular polygon has 15 sides. Find the measure in degrees of each of its interior angles?

20. An equilateral triangle has a perimeter 27 cm. what is its area?



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