Sine Wave Oscillation Using Geogebra

The following video is created using Geogebra application. Here are some few steps how I did it. It shows the oscillation of sine wave. I did it just for fun. If you want to try it, here are the few steps.

1. Create a slider name it “a”.
min value= -5 , Max= 5. This is the amplitude of your sine wave.

2. Create another slider name it “b”
min value = -5, max value = 5

3. In the input bar at the bottom type “y=a*sin(x+b)”

4. Right click on the sine wave and change the color of the graph and enable tracing.

5. Move the slider “a” to the left end. Move the slider “b” to the right end.

5. Enable animation on both sliders.

6. Done!

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