The Odds of Winning

Probability is my favorite branch of Mathematics even though this is my weakness. When I crossed the place we commonly called “peryahan”   I am always thinking how to beat them. For some, this is just a simple game but the owner is making great deal money out of people’s hope to win.


You bet ₱1.00 on number  9 and the administrator spins the Roulette. If it landed on number 9, you will win ₱10.00, If not you try your luck again. Using this strategy will just end up losing. The probability of winning is \displaystyle\frac{1}{14} . What do you expect? You will always be a loser.

The other way of winning is to bet on the red or white color. You bet ₱1.00 on red and if red comes out you win ₱1.00 as well. The chance of winning is 50%. Fair enough but this will not guarantee a sure win. I have created a strategy to make sure that you can win this type of a game.


On the first turn, don’t bet on the numbers but on the color. Choose any color, if you choose white you need to stick with it. You can start by betting ₱10.00 on that color. The chance of losing is 50%. If you lose on the first turn, that’s fine. On the second turn, you bet again on the same color but this time you need to double your bet, make it ₱20.00. The probability of losing is 25% and the probability of winning now is 75%. If you lose again on the 2nd turn you can bet ₱40.00 on the third round. The probability of winning now is 87.5%. That is too high. Continue this process. If in the third turn you win. Start betting again for ₱10.00. That is just basically it. Continue this process and I am pretty sure that you will take home extra cash.


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