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1. Evaluate: 2x1000+10+5.

2. Write in figure: Three million, two hundred twenty four thousand, and sixty four.

3. The sum of a number and its reverse is 444. What is the number if the number is less than its reverse?

4. What is the place value of 6 in the number 88,345,846,948,039?

5. What is 50% of 25?

6. What is the number exactly between 54 and 22?

7. What is ¼ of 100?

8. Find the product when 21 is multiplied by 25.

9. 242=24x24. Find the value of 10002-9992+1.

10. If 1134 is expressed on its prime factorization form, what is the power of 3?

11. Use PEMDAS evaluate 63x63+2x63x37+37x37.

12. How many tenths are there in 24?

13. It took 45 minutes for April to walk to school and 1 hour and 25 minutes when going home. How long is her travel time?

14. In a standard 12-hr clock. The hour hand of the clock is between 3 and 4. The minute hand is exactly on the 7th mark. You noticed that the sun is still up. What time it is?

15. You want to slice the circular pizza but you are only allowed 4 straight cut. What is the maximum number of pieces not necessarily equal can be obtained after slicing?


16. What is the lowest term of 21/81?

17. What is the greatest common factor of 54 and 81?

18. Which of the following fraction is least?

A. 1/3                                      B. 3/5                                  C. 7/15                             D. 6/30

19. How many minutes are there in 1 day?

20. What is the area of shaded region?

grade3 area

21. Anna bought 5 liters of cooking oil. How many milliliters of oil did she buy?

22. John put a 3 by 3 picture in a 4 by 4 picture frame? If the measurements are both in inches, what is the area left on the frame left not covered by the photo?

23. Leap year happened every four years. Leap year is a year where there are 366 days. What is the maximum number of days are there in 10 straight years?

24. Arrange the fraction from least to greatest. 1/3 , 1/7,2/5. 1/7.

25. John has ₱250.00. He gave 2/5 of his money to May. How much money left to John?

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