This is a mock mtap reviewer for grade 6. There is a national finals in grade 6 so work hard by keep on reviewing. 2 hours of math a day and dedication can make you a lot better math person. Subscribe in this site for more. Good luck to your preparations. More mock test is coming in the future.

1. Each side of pentagon measures 10 cm. What is perimeter of pentagon?

2. Simplify: (\displaystyle\frac{1}{2})^2-(\displaystyle\frac{1}{3})^2

3. What is the greatest common factor of 91, 65, 338?

4. What is the least common multiple of 147 and 63?

5. Write as a single number. 3×10^6+4×10^4+2×10^2+1.

6. What is the number exactly between \displaystyle\frac{2}{3} and \displaystyle\frac{3}{5}

7. Elsa’s grades in Math from 1st to 3rd grading are 88,91,92. What must be her grade in 4th grading to get an average of 92?

8. The average of 2 numbers is 24. The average of four numbers 36. What is the average of 6 numbers?

9. 39!=39x38x37x…x2x1. What is the power of 3 if 39! is written to its prime factorization?

10. John is 3 less than twice the age of Janet. If Janet is 16 years old, how old is John?

11. What is 0.151515… if written in fraction?

12. 40% of what number is 25% of 40?

13. The price tag of t-shirt worth ₱350.00. It has a mark down of 20%. If you have ₱500.00-bill, how much money left to you if will buy the shirt?

14. Elena is jogging in a circular track with a diameter of 35 meters. If she ran 5 laps, what is the total distance she traveled?

15. The area of a triangle is 50 sq. units. If the height of triangle is equal to the length of the base, what is the measure of the height?

16. Using the same concept in number 9. If you simplify 39!. How many zeroes at the end of the number?

17. Three numbers are in the ratio of 2:3:5. If the product of 3 numbers is 810, what is the largest number?

18. 90 pieces of bread is worth ₱135.00. How much is 60 pieces cost?

19.  The sum of supplement and the complement of the same angle is a positive counting number. What is the maximum possible value of the angle in degrees?

20. There are 10 black balls and 15 red balls in the urn. If you take out a ball, what is the probability that it is black?

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1. 50 cm

2. 5/36

3. 13

4. 3

5. 3,040,201

6. 19/30

7. 97

8. 32

9. 18

10. 29 years old

11. 5/33

12. 25

13. ₱220.00

14. 550 m

15. 10 units

16. 8

17. 15

18. ₱90.00

19. 134°

20. 2/5



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