This is the first part of my mock test for grade 2 MMC contest. Get notified when we update by putting in your email address in upper right side of this page. Good luck to your preparations. May all the odds be in your favor.

1. What is the place value of 9 in 289,365?

2. What is the difference where 38,621 is subtracted form 91,300?

3 . What is the remainder when 546 is divided by 3?

4. Express 121/4 as a fraction in mixed form.

5. What is ¼ of 20?

6. How many lengths are there in 1/2?

7. What is the largest 3-digit number divisible by 3?

8. Simplify: 100x100 – 99x99

9. Mark has a rope with length 30m.He divide it to 3 equal parts angle give one part to Dane. How long is the length of the rope left to mark?

10. What is the average of the following numbers. {10,15,25,15}?

11. What is the greatest common factor of 9 and 12?

12. What is the area of square with side 5cm?

13. How many minutes are there in 2.5 hours?

14. It is 14 minutes before 3pm.What time it is?

15. Reduce 21/27 to lowest term.

16. 9800 is how many hundreds?

17. What is N in 21 + N = 54?

18. Write in figure:  Two thousand, ninety five.

19. Elsa wants to by a t-shirt for 97.00 but she has no money. She borrowed ₱50.00 from Sven and another ₱50.00 from Anna. If she bought the shirt, how much change did she get?

20. What is the product of 60 and 40?

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