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1. What is the value of underlined 9 in 296,319,295?

2. Write in figure: Two million, three hundred sixty four thousand, and one hundred one.

3. Simplify the following: 992-982.

4. What is the value of A in 2A1 so that it is divisible by 9?

5. Write MMXIV in Hindu-Arabic.

6. How may eights are there in ¼?

7. Two numbers are in the ration of 3:4 and their sum is 21. What is bigger number?

8. What is the greatest common factor of 12,21,15.

9. Round 365,296 to nearest thousand.

10. John wants to buy a magic Pencil worth ₱25.00. He has ₱14.00. How much more he needs?

11. Round both factors to nearest hundred and find the product. 321×256

12. What is the remainder when 5184 is divided by 21?

13. What is the area of rectangular lot with dimension 25m by 20m?

14. What is N if 3:N=9:16?

15. A mango is on sale with ₱240.00 per dozen, how much is 3 pieces worth?

16. Anna bought 50 pieces of bread for ₱2.00 each. She repacked the bread sold it for ₱30.00 per 5 pieces. How much is her total revenue?

17. What is 4/25 in percent?

18. 20% of what number is 12?

19. 3 apples is worth ₱24.00. How much is 2 dozens worth?

20. John is twice the age of his son Dale. If john’s age is 32 years old, how old is Dane?


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1. 9000

2. 2,364,101

3. 197

4. 6

5. 2014

6. 2

7. 12

8. 3

9. 365,000

10. ₱11.00

11. 90,000

12. 18

13. 500 m2

14. 48/9

15. ₱60.00

16. ₱200.00

17. 16%

18. 60

19. ₱192.00

20. 16 years old




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