Fourth Regional Math Count and Third Casio MTAP-TL MATHalino Challenge

mtapAre you one of the Math wizards in your school? Math enthusiast? Winning coach of any Mathematics competition? If you think you are one, surely this update is for you.

The MTAP-TL in cooperation with Negros Oriental State University-Main Campus 1 will be holding an interscholastic contest entitled “FOURTH MTAP-TL REGIONAL Math Counts 2014” and THIRD CASIO-MTAP-TL MATHalino CHALLENGE 2014”,which aims to promote mathematics in different fields among college students in regions outside Luzon. In connection with this, the said association is encouraging interested schools to participate in the quiz show. The elimination round will be set on March 1, 2014 at Negros Oriental State University-Main Campus 1, Dumaguete City at 8am.Regional winners will join the Math Counts 2014 to be held in Manila on March 8 2014. If you have not participated yet in competitions like this, but you know you have what it takes, then do what you need to, Join! It might be a starting step towards your journey to Math-Stardom. If in case you are already recognized in the “hall of fame” bear this in mind, competitions never end.

Kindly check this links for more details


4th Regional Math Count 2014 Rules and Regulations

3rd Casio- MTAP-TL MATHalino Challenge 2014 Rules and Regulations

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