Math Challenge Questions For Grade 5 – Orals

In part 1 of oral contest, students are not allowed to write down anything on their papers while the quiz master is reading the question. The questions will be read twice for each part, the time will start after the quiz master said the word “GO”. In part 2, the students are now allowed to write down the given while the quiz master is reading the question. The rest is the same. In the part 3, the questions will distributed to the students in a small piece of paper and the quiz master will still read the questions. The rest will be the same.

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Main Source: 2008  Metrobank  – MTAP – Dep-Ed Math Challenge

Part 1. 15- second question 2 points each

1. Give the greatest common factor of 45,75,120.     [15]

2. Write 6 x 106 + 6 x 104 +6 x 102 as one number.     [6 060 600]

3. Write 85% as a fraction in lowest terms.    [17/20]

4. How many 25-centavo pieces are equal to P75.00?     [300]

5. Give the prime factorization of 98.    [2 x 72] or [2 x 7 x 7]

6. What is the smallest whole number that rounds to 5,000 to the nearest thousand?    [4500]

7. In a class of 40, 25 are on the honor roll. What percent is this?    [62.5]

8. The sum of two numbers is 20. If one number is 8 more than the other, give the two numbers.   [6& 14]

9. If 9 is subtracted from 4 times a number, the result is 71. What is the number?     [20]

10. The perimeter of a square is 19.2. How long is one side?     [4.8]

 Part 2: 30 – second question   3 points each

1. Joe bought a pair of shoes for P696 and a pair of socks for P65. How much change did he get from the P1000-bill he gave the cashier?   [P240]

2. 35 is what percent of 140?    [25]

3. In a triangle ABC, if \angle{A} = 40 degrees,  \angle{B} = 65 degrees. What is \angle{C}?    [75°]

4. The circumference of a circle is 26.4 cm. Find the diameter. Use π=22/7     [8.4 cm]

5. Of 225 grade 5 pupils, 44% are under 11 years old as of December 31. How many pupils are under 11 years old as December 31?    [99]

 Part 3:  60-second question       5 points each

1. The length of the rectangle is 5 cm more than the width. The perimeter is 70 cm. Find the length and the width of the rectangle.   [l = 20 cm, w= 15 cm]

2. 20 % of 120 is what percent of 96?    [25]

3. How much money is deposit at 3.5% simple interest if the interest in one year is P2,450?    [P70,000]

4. Nick used wire to make the frame of a cube with a volume of 125 dm3. What is the total length of the edges of the frame?     [60 dm]

5. Jude counted 75 electric poles in their route. If the poles are 50 m apart, what is the distance in kilometers between the first and the last poles?     [3.7 km]


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