Practice Math Challenge Questions for Grade 7 Part 1

Time: 1 Hour         Source: 2011 Math Challenge 1st Year

  1. What is the name of N = {1, 2, 3, 4, 5 …} ?
  2. Round 434.243 to the nearest ten.
  3. What is the greatest common factor of 48 and 60?
  4. What is the greatest common multiple of 48 and 60?
  5. What rational number is between 1/5 and 1/7?
  6. Which is bigger 11/13 or 13/15?
  7. What is $latex 2 1/3+3 1/7–4 2/3?
  8. Evaluate 2 1/3×3/4÷1/3
  9. Change to scientific notation 0.000261.
  10. To which subset of the set of all real number does \sqrt{3} belong?
  11. Peter has a small farm measuring 240 m by 310 m. how many hectares of land does peter own?
  12. A cylindrical water tank has a diameter of 1 m and a height of 1.25 m. what is the capacity in liters?
  13. Two numbers are in the ration of 3:5. Their sum is 88, what is the bigger number?
  14. A picture is 20 cm by 60 cm. If ts enlarged so that its shorter side becomes 30 cm, what is the area of the resulting picture?
  15. Evaluate the expression 3x2 + 4x2 – x at x=2.
  16. Simplify 2(x2 +1) +3(x+1)2 -3x.
  17. Simplify 2(x2+x-1) – 3(x-2)2
  18. Multiply (a2+b) by (a-b)
  19. Evaluate ( │-14│-│-26│ + 36)÷(│-16│ -│-10│)
  20. A piece of cartolina is 20 cm by 60 cm. If it is enlarged so that its shorter side becomes 30 cm, what is the area of the resulting picture?
  21. A small passenger plane flew a distance of 54 km in 70 minutes what was the speed in kilometers per hours to the nearest km?
  22. What is the sum of 50 counting numbers 1+2 +3+ . . .+49 + 50?
  23. Four consecutive odd numbers are added. If the smallest of the 4 is 2x-5, what is their sum?
  24. An edge of a cube is x+3 cm. what is its volume?
  25. What is the remainder if 3x2-2x+2 is divided by x-2?

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