Practice Math Challenge Questions and Answer for Grade 5 and 6 Part 3

Welcome to part 3 of this reviewer. Check parts 1 and 2 and other reviewers for division round in this page. Have fun answering. Questions will be entertained faster by contacting me in this page.

1. Peter counted 9 dogs and cows. He counted 10 cows and goats. He counted 16 animals in all. How many cows in all?

2. A number is greater than 24 and less than 25. It is a power of 5. What is the number?

3. The class was given 15 math problems on Thursday and 12 problems on Friday. If Windy finished 2/3 of them, how many problems does she still have to finish?

4. One fifth of the horses were white and the rest were brown. How many of the horses were brown if there are 15 horses?

5. Alvin had ¾ box of raisins. He gave 2/3 of it to Anne. Anne gave Joan ½ of hers. What part of the box did Joan have?

6. At what point on the number line is two thirds of the distance from 2.1 to 3.9?

7. Edmund and Jeanine have some comic books. Jeanine has 5 more than Edmund. They have 17 in all. How many comic books does Edmund have?

8. The ratio of mango trees and guava tree to avocado trees in an orchard is 5:2:8. If there are 1245 trees in the orchard, how many Avocado trees are there?

9. This number rounds off to 5. The sum of its digits is 12 and the product is 32. Both digits are multiples of the same number.

10. There were 250 piglets in Mang Kanor’s poultry. 35 got sick and died. What percent of the pig died?

11. What is the remainder when 48576 is divided by 49?

12. Round 385 930 873 to nearest million

13. In 385 930 873, how many times as great is the underlined 8 than the 8 that is not underlined?

14. How many twenty thousands are there in 5 million?

15. What is the largest digit that can be placed in the blank to make 53_21 divisible by 9?

16. Reduce 81/729 to lowest term

17. What is the greatest common factor of 540 and 630?

18. A pair of shoes marked P350.00 was sold for P287.00. What was the percent discount?

19. Four times a number is 92. What is 17 more than 5 times the number?

20. The area of triangle is 210 cm2. If the base is 28 cm, what is the altitude?

21. Find two odd numbers between 10 and 30 with a ratio that is equal to 3:5?

22. Jerry collects and sells aluminum cans after school. In 4 days he collected 92 cans. At that rate, how many cans will he collect in 7 days?

23. Jasmine reads 24 pages of the book. If this was 75% of the book, how many pages was the entire book?

24. If one  angle is 20° larger than its complement, how many degrees are there in each angle in degrees?

25. Dino spent 20% of his savings. But he still had P128.00 remaining. How much money had he saved?


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