Grade 5 Math Challenge Questions and Answer Part 2

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1. What is 14×30÷15?

2. Change 129/7 mixed form.

3. Reduce 80/112 in lowest term.

4. What is the value of 73-53?

5. What is the average of 88, 91, and 94?

6. John can travel 11kph. How far can he go in 2.5 hours?

7. What digit placed in the blank will make 8_4 – 357 =517 a true sentence?

8. If you have ₱600.00 how much orange can you buy if the price is 3 pieces for ₱20.00?

9. The average weight of 15 boys in the class is 40 Kg. The average of weight of 35 girls is 50 Kg. What is the average weight of the whole class?

10. The circumference of a circle is 44 cm. Find the area of the circle. (use pi=22/7)

11. Paul has a rectangular garden with 20 meters long and 25.5 meters wide. What is the perimeter of Paul’s garden?

12. A string is stretched ½ cm every 10 kilos of weight. How far will a 50-kilo weight stretched the spring?

13. What is complement of the supplement of 121°?

14. The ratio of two numbers is 2:3. The sum of two numbers is 25. What is the bigger number?

15. In the box there are 33 balls with three different colors. The ratio of blue balls to red balls is 2:3. The ratio of red balls to white balls is 1:2. How many red balls are there?

16. There are bicycles and tricycles in the parking lot. There are 34 wheels and 14 drivers. How many bicycles are there?

17. How many sides do Pentadecagon has?

18. I am a three digit number. I am divisible by 6. My digits are decreasing from hundreds digits to units digit. What is the maximum value?

19. John can eat a sandwich for 20 minutes. Mary can eat the same sandwich for 30 minutes. If they decided to share it, how long will it take for them to eat the sandwich?

20. The sum of two numbers is 10. If their product is 24. What is the smaller number?

21. The area of the square is 100 square centimeters. What is its perimeter?

22. What is the surface area of a cube with side equal to 2 centimeter?

23. Piston lost 15 of its 60 games. What is their winning percentage?

24. A 10 cm high Cone has a base with area 20 cm2. What is the volume of the Cone?

25. In a midnight sale, John bought a pair of shoes for only 300 Pesos. If the original price is 500 Pesos, what is the percent discount?

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