Grade 5 Sample Math Challenge Questions and Answer

This is a sample exam for Grade 5 Metrobank-MTAP- Dep-Ed Math Challenge. This is advisable for teachers, parents , trainers and contestants. Goodluck for your preparations. May all the odds be in your favor. Questions will be entertained faster by directly sending me a message using this page.

1. What is the sum of the following: 8×104 + 5×105+3×103+2×102 ?

2. A number is greater than 24 and less than 25. It is a power of 5. What is the number?

3. The class was given 15 math problems on Monday and 12 problems on Thursday. If windy finished 2/3 of them, how many problems does she still have to finished?

4. What is the remainder when 44889 is divided by 49?

5. Round 960 623 672 892 to the nearest million.

6. What is the name of polygon with 10 sides?

7. Convert to improper fraction. 2 \displaystyle\frac{10}{15}

8. What is the area of the square with side 5 cm.

9. The area of a triangle is 210 m2. If the height is 20 m. How long is the base?

10.  What is the complement of the supplement of 140◦?

11. Find N in N:4 = 21:28.

12. How many ₱500.00-bills are there in ₱17 000.00?

13. Find two numbers whose sum is 14 and product is 48.

14. Find the area of the circle with radius 3 cm. (use π=3.14)

15. Use exponents to express 675 as the product of its prime factors.

16. Write “six million, three hundred twenty five thousand, sixty-one” in symbols.

17. What is the GCF of 72 and 120?

18. What is the LCM of 72 and 120?

19. Which number/s is not divisible by 9? {603, 153, 163, 702}

20. Change the fraction 263/7 to mixed form.

21. How many 64ths are there in 5/16?

22. What is the value of 262-252.

23.  A cylindrical can milk can has a radius of 3 cm and height of 10 cm. How much milk does it contain?

24. A pair of Jeans was bought for ₱364.00. If the discount tag shows 30% off. What is the original price?

25. The number 98934797347893a4 is divisible by 4. What is maximum possible value of a?

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