Feynman Point

Pi (π) is an irrational and transcendental number, means, the value of π cannot be feynmanexpressed as quotient of two Natural Numbers ( N={1,2,3, . . .} ) or a root of a Polynomial with rational coefficients. From that point, it is obvious that π has a never ending decimal expansion, even computers can not determine its last digit.

Richard Feynman, a theoretical physicist wanted to make π rational by memorizing the first 761 digits and next to those is the series of six 9s. When he will recite the value of π, he will end it with “nine nine nine nine nine nine and soon”. In that case, it will sound like, there are infinite 9s after the 761st digits of π.

That series of six 9s is named after him and call it the “Feynman point


written by: John Rey Jimenez

Image credit : wikipedia

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