Grade 8 Practice Math Challenge Question and Answer Part II

Direction: Write equation of the line in ax+by+c=0                           Time: 1 hour

  1. What is the set of values that will make the sentence like 2x+5>7 called?
  2. What is the range of y=2x2-1 on {1<x<4}
  3. What is the range of y=2x2-1?
  4. In which quadrant(s) is the graph of 2x-y=0
  5. Write in symbols: “the product of four and x divided by 3 is at most 10”.
  6. What is the zero of 3x-2y=12?
  7. What is the greatest integer function of f(3.6)?
  8. What is the slope of the line through (2,-3) and (1,-2)
  9. Find the equation of the line with an x-intercept of 2 and passing through (0,-1)
  10. If f(x) = x2+6x+9. What is f(3)?
  11. What is the y-intercept of 3x-4y-12=0?
  12. Find the point of intersection of the lines 2x-y+1=0 and 3x-4y+6=0.
  13. For what value of k will 2x-y-4=0 and 10x-5y+k=0 be dependent?
  14. For what value of K will make 3x+4y+5=0 and 2x-ky-1=0 parallel?
  15. Solve for x and y: 1/x+1/y=1 and 1/x-1/y=3.
  16. Solve for x: 3x-4>17
  17. Write 364,000,000,000 in scientific notation.
  18. What value(s) of x is not permissible in \displaystyle\frac{x^2-4x-1}{x^2-5x+4}?
  19. Write in standard form: 0.12 x 105.
  20. Simplify:     22
  21. Solve for x:  \displaystyle\frac{2x-5}{3x-7}= \frac{2x-7}{3x-5}
  22. Factor completely: 3xy-6x+3y-6
  23. What is the domain of \displaystyle y=\sqrt{2x-1}?
  24. What is the range of equation in #23?
  25. 25. If an=22n-1 – 1 , What is a4?

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