GRADE 1 Math Challenge Practice Questions and Answers

Time: 1 Hour

1. Write in symbols: Five thousand thirty one

2. Which digit has the highest value in 27,541?

3. What is the place value of 3 in 23,450?

4. How many hundreds are there in 5,330?

5. How many tens are there in 29,920?

6. What is the biggest 2-digit even number?

7. What is the odd number next to 395?

8. What comes after 346?
9. Arrange from least to greatest. {32,47,23,73,53]

10. What is the correct symbol to be used in 89 (<,>,=)45

11. In the expression 5 – 3= 2. What is 2?

12. Write one-half in symbols.

13. I am a two digit number. My ten’s digit is 4 and the sum of my digits is 6. What number I am?

14. Add 24 to the difference of 33 and 14.

15. What number is  between 29 and 31?

16. Which number does not belong to the group? {23,22,27,19,25}

17. Add: One hundred forty-nine and fifty-one.

18. Write two hundred twenty-six pesos and seventy-five centavos in symbols.

19. What number comes after the smallest 3-digit number?

20. What number is missing in 120 +____ + 5 = 285?

21. Ella saves 5 pesos every day starting Monday. How much did she earn until Friday of the same week?

22. How many ₱5.00 coins are there in ₱70.00?

23. John has 15 stamps. One-third of her stamps are blue .How many are not blue has John?

24. What is 2/3 of 90?
25. If Rose started to study at 7:05 AM and spent 59 minutes studying, what time did she finish?

26. Allan is twice as old as Amy. If Amy’s age is 6. How old is Allan?

27. The long hand of the clock is at 5 and the shorter hand is between 2 and 3. What time it is?

28. What is 13 more than ½ of 14?
29. What is left when you take off five four’s from 30?

30. Sarah bought a sandwich for ₱25.00 and a juice for ₱15.00. How much is her change if she have ₱100.00?

31. How many more are six 5’s than five six’s?

32. If there are four 10’s in 40. How many tens are there in 90?

33. How many seconds are there in 5 minutes?

34. Convert two and three-fourths to improper fraction

35. John has ₱25.00, Mary has twice the money of John. How much money do they have altogether?


Click here for answer key



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